Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency and other related services platform in the United States, has officially added XRP to the assets supported for Coinbase Custody. Despite Ripple, the blockchain transfer company created by XRP to differentiate itself from the market for reasons of decentralization, Coinbase retained the Ripple logo for the presentation of the currency on its official website.

The last week of October was a year of cryptocurrency when the US Department of Financial Services [DFS] Announced support for the use of Coinbase for cryptocurrency.

After receiving approval from DFS, Coinbase revealed the name of six large coins to be included in the Coinbase Custody Trust Company program. The list included Bitcoin [BTC], Bitcoin Cash [BCH], Litecoin [LTC], XRP, Ethereum [ETH] and Ethereum Classic [ETC].

Although XRP is one of the deposit services, it has not yet been included in the Coinbase trading platform. In addition, the other five cryptocurrencies are already being traded on the exchange.

Skypilot_crypto, an avid XRP investor and space enthusiast, told the news:

“Even though I do hope coinbase list xrp, when they eventually do I still won’t buy my xrp through coinbase. Why would I when I’ve been buying it through others all this time anyway? What would be the point? If Only They listed it sooner. Timing is everything and they are late”

C3 | Nik, the Twitter nickname of another cryptocurrency follower and the blockchain space, also tweeted:

“XRP is officially listed as a supported asset on Coinbase Custody.
That does not imply trading support in the normal Coinbase App though.”

Michael Nardolillo, a fan of XRP, told Coinbase with the Ripple Labs logo:

“With the wrong symbol lmao”

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