I will start without saying that everyone knows what Bitcoin is. It started the year 2017 with a value of 1,000 USD and has since broken the record of 10,000 USD (and more). Of course, everyone is curious about whether to invest in it or not, trade or leave such things to the experts.

First, Bitcoin is a currency and its value is extremely volatile. Investing in Bitcoin basically means buying the currency. The ups and downs of Bitcoin’s unpredictability can discourage many potential investors, but that does not prevent some of them from going all out.

Invest in Bitcoin

What does investment in Bitcoin really mean? It depends on what you want to receive. Here are some investment methods:

Buy and hold

The most widely used method of investing in this cryptocurrency, also called “hodling”, is to buy with the prospect of an increase in its value. The principle is quite simple: if you think that the price will increase, you decide to save time.

The current price of Bitcoin makes it a risky investment. Be careful not to invest more money than you want to lose.

Once your bitcoins are purchased, be sure not to leave them on the Exchange platform and place them in a secure personal wallet. Make sure to always do your own thorough research before buying.

There is a buying technique that aims to average the price over a year by buying bitcoins in multiple transactions every month, every week or every day of the day.

Trade in bitcoins

Trading bitcoins means that you are willing to find the lowest price to buy the coin, then sell it at a higher price in a short time. The trading for successful results requires a lot of practice and knowledge, and this type of market needs to be approached, as many experienced traders and cheats wait to make an imprudent decision.

Bitcoin Mining

There is a category of investments involving the exploitation of bitcoins. Bitcoin is only profitable today if it is operated in large groups or in pools. To do this, you need to buy expensive mining equipment and prepare yourself for a high energy bill. It has been proven that buying bitcoins is more profitable than using the same amount to buy mining equipment. Lol.

High performance equipment is not the only thing to consider. Mining software is also a criterion in this area.

There is also the practice of cloud mining, which uses outsourced mining equipment for which there is no way to invest in mining equipment. The vast majority of cloud sites are scams that consume only money and produce no bitcoin. And those who are not scams will produce less Bitcoins than if you bought them.

Pool operation is virtually the only way to exploit bitcoins without waiting a long time for results. The disadvantage is that you receive only a fraction of the discount, because the reward block must be shared among pool users.
Bitcoin and other companies HYIP (High Yield Investment Program)

Many companies say they can double their bitcoins by giving them huge interest every day or by promising to help you invest in a sophisticated system. There are sites that are investment programs, but the vast majority of them turn out to be frauds.

The underlying principle of such transactions is to take money from interested investors by promising to receive ten times their investment. First, they will pay part of this income with the money they have raised through their campaign. It will take a few more months, then the whole process will be dissolved in the air.

The fear of being cheated is legitimate and real, because Bitcoin is a decentralized virtual currency that does not have a regulatory framework implemented by financial institutions. This means that the losses can not be guaranteed by the authorities.

Yes, the bitcoin market seems riddled with malevolent violence, it tries to deceive and take its money, but few who have been wise in their investment strategy have been able to reap the rewards of their hard toil. Some were extremely lucky and received the unexpected value of Bitcoin.

  1. If you don’t know the difference between Bitcoin (BTC) or Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – you are not ready to invest, you will lose because you need to study more. If you have not heard of or dont know what the “blocksize debate” is, then same thing – do not invest until you learn about this stuff. https://reddit.com/r/btc

    If you are not teaching your audience about the differences between Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – or what the “blocksize rebate” is…or the role of blocksize in capping the bandwidth that BTC can handle (of which it is currently running at 80% capacity with little room to grow) – then you are not fully serving your audience.

    No it’s not time to buy Bitcoin (BTC) because BTC cannot handle the volume of transactions needed to even support a $20K price https://reddit.com/r/btc

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