The purchase of Bitcoin has become increasingly practical in recent years, with a variety of payment options growing here and there. There is no surprise there; Finally, the investment in bitcoins has proven to be a very attractive and profitable company. Many users want to obtain some cryptocurrencies without going through the long process of configuring mining equipment, commercial accounts and verification processes.

Casual investors only want to buy bitcoins through payment methods with which they are familiar, such as PayPal. However, acquiring bitcoins with PayPal can be misleading. Fortunately, this article will cause confusion and cause you to start buying digital assets with PayPal.

It is not so easy, but it is possible.

There is no way to buy Bitcoins directly with PayPal. There is simply no support for this action at this time. Fortunately, there are ways to solve this problem and there are online markets where you can buy bitcoins with PayPal. Of course, it is frustrating and many people do not understand why it is too complicated.

However, there are some good reasons why Bitcoins can not be purchased directly through PayPal. One important explanation is the fact that Bitcoins are a direct competitor to PayPal. Bitcoins also do not allow direct debit and false or fraudulent rates are common because hackers and scammers are constantly attacking bitcoins.

The simple reason why it is difficult to buy Bitcoins with PayPal is that a PayPal payment is reversible; Bitcoin is not.

You just have to take some additional steps to acquire Bitcoins with PayPal. There are exchanges that allow you to make these purchases; However, many of these exchanges contain user accounts until certain checks are successful. It should be noted that PayPal really does not like users who buy bitcoins through the platform and, sometimes, it is not recommended for users who try to do so. Fortunately, there are some solutions to keep you out of trouble.

Try to use VirWox

Ways to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal Instantly in 2018


Please note that the PayPal Terms of Use allow the use of Second Life’s Linden’s (SLL) to acquire bitcoins. As a result, several exchanges have emerged that offer SLL services, and the best of those exchanges is VirWox. Despite this name, it is not a complete exchange. Rather, it is a platform that serves the popular game Second Life as a way to buy collectibles in the game. The game is big enough to be accepted by PayPal, which creates a gray area that allows you to use the money in the game to buy bitcoins.

To start buying Bitcoins through VirWoX and PayPal, you must first make a budget for yourself, research about cryptocurrencies, study some platforms, set up some exchanges and set up a Bitcoin wallet. Then you must visit VirWox and open an account, complete the corresponding fields and confirm your account by email. Then, you can use PayPal to deposit money in your VirWox account.

After that, you will have the option to exchange your balances by SLL, after which you will be able to convert SLL to bitcoins. As a general rule, VirWox wants to charge a 10% transaction fee to PayPal. unfortunately, the rate is inevitable. After purchasing bitcoins via VirWox, it is recommended to transfer your bitcoins to your personal wallet. Transfers to portfolios can usually take up to two days.

Other platforms to consider

In addition to VirWox, many other platforms and services now have the ability to purchase bitcoins with PayPal. They may not be as popular and often used as VirWox; However, they are still worthwhile and are excellent alternatives.

Ways to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal Instantly in 2018

LocalBitcoins is a well-known bitcoin exchange platform used around the world. It provides a virtual environment through which buyers can contact sellers and trade through various payment platforms, including PayPal.

If you decide to use LocalBitcoins, you are ready to accept and accept PayPal as a payment method for bitcoins. LocalBitcoin users are responsible for their own due diligence towards the providers with whom they communicate. In general, the platform is fairly safe and reputable. Check out our comprehensive review of LocalBitcoins here. Visit local Bitcoins

  • Paxful

Ways to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal Instantly in 2018

Paxful is a service that allows users to create accounts, find suppliers and exchange funds on PayPal accounts for bitcoins. The good thing about Paxful is that it uses a guard service to provide additional security to buyers. In general, Paxful is nice; however, it has not yet reached an optimal acceptance of the public.


Although PayPal is relatively safe and reliable, it is very important to keep your bitcoin wallet as secure as possible. Whether you store it on your personal computer or use a cold storage method, never give your private key to anyone. Nobody needs to know a private key. After all, you won’t want anyone to steal your efforts, time and assets Among the different ways you can buy bitcoins using your PayPal account, it’s up to you to decide which exchange method best suits your needs and preferences. Remember that you must verify your bank account, you must first verify your account, which means that you must log in to your bank account.

Bitcoin is an extremely volatile cryptocurrency that can lead to a severe destabilization of the financial world and an impressive profitability for investors. Now, you should better understand some of the ways you can buy bitcoins with your PayPal account.

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