Tron (TRX) is without a doubt one of the biggest and most formidable blockchain projects that seem to be generating undertones and headlines of crypto space over and over again. Since the Tron Foundation launched its accelerated MainNet platform, which boasts a high throughput and TPS of up to 2,000, which makes the recognition evident.

Tron (TRX) is one of the most rated cryptocurrencies on the market today. This is the crypto at the forefront trending on Google with a very optimistic community. That’s why, after the launch of the main-network, there is a lot of optimism about the exponential growth of its value. Now the question remains: how far can TRX go? What is its potentials taking control of the Dapps market?

What is TRON (TRX)?

According to official released white paper which says it the best:

“Tron is a distributed block-based protocol designed to configure a free global  system with entertainment blockchain technology and distributed storage that allows anyone to publish, store and maintain data autonomously decentralized.” Decides on distribution, subscription , content delivery and allows content creators to transmit, distribute and manage digital content, creating a conversation of decentralized content.”

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Thus, the Tron white paper was partially created for content creators to solely have the ownership and control of the data they create” and disseminate information at the user’s discretion. At the same time, Tron fights the influence of commercialism – the focus on profit maximization – and wants to create an era where cultural and creative industries should be guided by the quest for the quality of art and content by creators of content, artists and writers.

Solution? What problem is TRX solving?

Content creators will be able to publish their own content, define their own distribution method and their own prices. They will earn TRX based on the parameters and rules defined by users who buy and distribute their content without having to go through giant companies such as Google, Youtube, Apple, Spotify, etc., which serve as “intermediaries” who provides platform, but also take a percentage of the profit generated by your content through clicks, likes, views, feeds and plays. It will be a major component of the decentralized self-sustaining, multipurpose economy they seek to build.

Tron’s primary goal is to create a global free-to-play entertainment ecosystem.

  • The advertising industry: the solution is simple, monetize the comments section of the web content! Most people read sections after viewing online videos. What would it be said if someone could pay for their ad’s content to be at the top comment? What would prevent contradicting viewers with ads between the videos which can sometimes be annoying? Tron has the potential to achieve this.
  • The music industry: The music industry revenues has been decreasing in the last decade, majorly due to increase of streaming service. Tron (TRX) is changing this by giving artists the opportunity to take control of their content to obtain it monetary benefits. This is a guaranteed way to change the revenue flow of the music industry forever.
  • Decentralized games: This opens the possibility of obtaining currency in a game, monetization of the user’s game to make even more investment. When it shows players earning real rewards, they are more likely to be engaged.

Possible Challenges

  • The developer network: As a newcomer to the platform blockchain market, Tron competes with block chains with established networks of developers. Ethereum, for example, has more than 200,000 developers and this number continues to grow. Without the support of a large network of developers, it would be uneasy for Tron to effectively compete with Ethereum (ETH).
  • Chinese Factor:  Tron (TRX) is an Asian blockchain  from China and its Chinese  founder has close ties with Alibaba’s founder, Jack Ma. This means that blockchain users especially in the west might be skeptical as for its use. This is because major Chinese blockchains have ties to their government, either directly or indirectly. This could prevent large companies from creating Dapps and other contracts on this blockchain. This would restrict Tron in China, thus limiting its growth potential internationally.

Price Prediction

  • Tron 2019: Tron will significantly increase its price in 2019. During the first two quarters, it will probably vary between 0.05 and 0.06 USD. But in the third quarter, it accelerates, reaching $0.07, and  in the last quarter of 2019, it will reach up to $ 0.11, which is positive compared to previous year.
  • Tron 2020: Year 2020 will be a little more volatile than 2019. Tron for the first time can reach $0.4. It will reach its peak in the middle of the year, after which it will fall to 0.3 and eventually decline further to $ 0.24 in the end of 2020.

On this basis, any projection of exponential growth in the long-term Tron value (TRX) is based on a solid foundation and its acceptance rate. Once everything that Tron has in his roadmap takes shape, more and more organizations will be able to adopt its technology, which will make it more valuable.  It could easily reach over $10. One thing is certain, Tron is going to be accepted by startups, especially in the entertainment aspect, thereby a potential long-term coin.

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