The famous cryptocurrency portfolio Exodus and the Tron Foundation have jointly announced that the platform is expanding its support for the native TRX token. Exodus, on his official Twitter account, said the token could be swapped for around 50 assets. Advertising on Twitter said:

“Exodus now supports the tron ​​$ TRX network. TRX is interchangeable with nearly 50 active. You can exchange currencies BTC, ETH, XRP, XLM, OMG, DGB and many other currencies of TRX in comfort and the security of your own wallet.

Recently, TRX has received many updates mentioning all ecosystem developments, from the burning of parts to BitTorrent updates, to Justin Sun, the founder of TRX. He also called for the latest support TRX received from several exchanges, including BitBay, Bittrex and Binance. He also added the Exodus to the list.

Regarding BitTorrent updates, he explained that the uTorrent application was launched and localized in Chinese so that users could use it. He also talked about Tron’s successes with Ethereum [ETH] and EOS.

A Twitter user, Chris Morton, talked about TRX and Exodus and said:

“If you have the old TRX chips in Exodus, how do you convert MainNet chips into the Exodus? If you go into the portfolio in Exodus, it shows TRX (old) and the path of the trunks as separate portfolios “.

Responded to this exodus and declared:

“Hello Chris, you have to send the TRX chips to BINANCE so they can be swapped from the TRX backbone, and you can send them to your new TRX address in Exodus.” + Dz “- Exodus

During the conversation, the user asked for frozen EOS tokens in Exodus. He also asked if it would be possible in the near future to turn frozen tokens into EOS Mainnet chips.

Here Exodus reversed the situation and announced that EOS Mainnet is now in beta for Exodus and that it will soon reach its trial phase. In addition, the platform has allowed the user to write an e-mail asking them to access the EOS tokens through another wallet.

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