On November 2, Justin Sun, founder and CEO of the Tron Foundation, announced that TRX is now trading on BitexBook, a popular cryptocurrency exchange. So he tweeted:

“#TRX can now be marketed on @bitexbook BITEXBOOK will provide #TRON with a powerful and requested service that will help #TRONICS reduce the overhead of managing encryption resources and make it transparent TRX / BTC.”

With this service, Tronics can reduce the costs of cryptocurrency management and make it transparent and reliable. BitexBook said it would offer an instant deposit, with all the deposit and withdrawal options available instantly. The exchange also said that will be successful in 60 minutes.

Brad, a Twitter user, added:

“At this stage of crypto, the market will determine the price, not the projects themselves, Tron will do it, everything follows BTC, the currencies do not move until they have sources of revenue in a few years. “

Tron also appeared in the press when Justin Sun announced he had taken the $ 800 million worth of TRX chips. The company report says:

“This time the TRON Foundation burned 34776069388.7 TRX, which is part of the TRX Blocked by the Foundation. According to official statistics, 98012196741.9 TRON ERC20 chips were burned, accounting for 98.01% of the total TRX 100 trillion emissions.”

The report published by the Foundation is more than 100 different bags and wallets. The company ensures that TRX files would be processed by the foundation itself.

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