Wietse Wind, the inventor of the popular micropayment service XRP TipBot, finally announces the new secret “Paper Accounts” feature, which allows users to receive and send tips from a social network account such as Twitter, Discord or Reddit.

CKJ Crypto News, Wind Explained that this new feature works. He explained that he was one of the authors of the newspaper.

XRP to friends, family, restaurants, or other people, the recipient does not need to be on social media. In this regard, the XRP TipBot application is convenient for use with the XRP TipBot application.

In an interview with AMBCrypto, Wietse Wind talked about the problem-free procedure

“Until now the XRP TipBot has been available for the XRP Community. With the new “Paper Accounts”, it will be as easy as handing out a sheet of paper to get someone started and tip (gift) the first XRP.
The “Paper Account”-receiver doesn’t even have to be on Twitter (or reddit/Discord).
With the “Paper Accounts” adoption outside of the XRP community may just be around the corner”

He expressed

“Personally, with the holidays coming up, I’m very excited to get friends and family to use the XRPTipBot.
This evening I’ll give away my first “Paper Account” in the restaurant where some old colleagues and @thisistriss (TipBot App designer), @baltazar223 (TipBot App developer) will be meeting and eating. I’m really excited.”

The YouTube broadcast will display wind news and other features provided by the new feature. He cited an event where the recipient is unwilling to unlock the tip and use the TipBot application. In these cases, TipBot will not be released within one month.

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