Wietse Wind, the creator of XRP Tip Bot, recently spoke on the podcast 51Percent Crypto Research, in which he commented on why he is delighted with XRP. He also talked about how he came to the crypto space and inspired the Tip Bot.

Wietse said I entered the crypto space in 2010, when there were no high expectations. He said I found out about the blockchain when he started working on his own computer. I have explained:

“And then it wasn’t until 2016 when I saw an interview of David Schwartz, Ripple’s CTO, and thought it was kind of interesting. So I looked into the technology and noticed it was really easy to get started with if you are a web developer or someone who programs in his spare time or know some JavaScript.

He said he started with only a few lines of code, shared open source and created XRPL projects.

Wietse added that it was in love with XRP over any other cryptocurrency, mainly due to XRP technology behind. In his opinion, it is easy for developers to develop applications, it is a small company.

He added:

The implementation of XRP technology has facilitated it, it has been made very easy to implement. XRP core.

Wietse said that with XRP, you do not have to download all the blockchain history to interact. Without the dependencies, I could simply connect and start reading, sending messages or making transactions, I said. He said that there are other cryptocurrencies with similar functionality, but the XRP transaction time is about 4 seconds and “that is the moment when a consumer is ready to wait for confirmation”.

Wietse said he has been working with the XRP and has released some small codes on GitHub. He said he created TipBot with the templates available in XRP Ledger and launched it on Reddit in November. He added:

“And then a few months later the Reddit community kinda started tipping each other, so I kept on developing and I believe by now over 70,000 tips are sent and about a 100,000, XRP.”

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