TAP provides an application that provides a single window for anyone wishing to participate in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. With the simplest Fiat integration process, multiple exchanges related to the application, a single KYC process, a powerful middleware engine never seen in the cryptocurrency space and a payment card. TAP represents a major step forward in making the cryptocurrency more accessible to new investors and more convenient for today’s users.

Thanks to the subsequent exchanges, TAP can guarantee the best price to the client for each immediate transaction and a better price. Connecting multiple exchanges will bring more benefits to TAP customers.

In the application, a user can exchange any supported cryptocurrency with a touch of another cryptocurrency or fiat support. This effectively leads to an old coupling between exchanges and eliminates the need to convert to BTC to switch from one exchange to another.

The 8 permanent developers of the team work well under their CTO Mike and intend to launch the beta version in order of arrival, for customers who have registered on their website.

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