On October 25, Spacebit Capital announced the launch of the world’s first symbolic venture capital fund for the space industry. The announcement coincided with the World Investment Forum in Geneva and the Blockchain World Summit in Dubai.

Make a Bigger Jump For Crypto

According to a recent report by Goldman Sachs [2016], the private space sector is a fast-growing market whose value is expected to reach billions of dollars in the near future. A new vision of space is emerging. Once accessible only to governments and large corporations, it is now accessible to small businesses and even to public participation. Exciting projects involving new space missions, as well as lunar, martial and asteroid extraction activities, will bring significant opportunities and economic value to future generations.

These resources will not only change the course of humanity, but will also offer investors the opportunity to make a significant contribution to our next great adventure. Blockchain alone offers us unprecedented opportunities to create and market value in society. As a fundamental platform of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it can help to create and disseminate new values ​​that can be acquired by exploring the latest frontiers. The symbolization of space missions and resources will help to create and measure a new value for humanity, while benefiting from increased liquidity and public participation.

Tokenizing The Final Frontier

The fund focuses on early-stage companies requiring intensive use of intellectual property for applications close to the Earth and the Moon. It invests primarily in downstream software and business applications for satellite communications and data, particularly those using blockchain technology. It is well known that satellite data and its efficient communication have enabled new business opportunities and social innovations, applications for intelligent traffic and smart cities to agriculture, insurance and maritime industries. The ability to symbolize communication and data is a key element of the future economy, enabling it to expand these opportunities, create a new global space economy while redefining the existing private equity model and injecting liquidity into long-term space projects.

The Fund’s secondary investments target key technologies, such as propulsion, robotics and remote sensing, needed for the next generation of space missions. In addition to the fund, a network of Crypto Space Angels was formed, made up of experts, investors and visionaries from the cryptocurrency and blockchain sectors.

Crypto Angel For Space Technology

The creation of the Crypto Space Angels network is another step in the realization of a more important cryptocurrency mission and the creation of an ecosystem that will allow humanity to venture farther into space. Crypto Space Angels aims to create a global network of cryptocurrency investors willing to make a difference and support the development of the space industry.

Pavlo Tanasyuk, Partner of The Fund, commented:

“We have developed a clear roadmap for our future investments and our portfolio of space projects ready to be executed and financed, and the first phase of investment will focus on the European markets.” We are confident that the creation of Spacebit Capital will help to take advantage of the latest innovations in satellite data and communication technologies and in the next digital revolution, we are rapidly opening up investment opportunities for qualified investors, but we hope in the future to set up a hybrid model allowing everyone to invest directly in large-scale space projects, part of our vision.”

Website: Spacebit, Crypto Space Angels

Spacebit Vision: Youtube


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