Shapeshift is one of my best exchange i ever used. Since they have been exchanging anonymously until now you have to become a verified member to get more goodies from them.

ShapeShift membership is best described as an advanced loyalty program. There are five levels (1-5) of membership. Benefits vary by level and are available immediately upon acquisition of a membership.

Level 1 is free and stays permanently free. Level 2-5 requires ownership of FOX tokens. These higher levels are not yet open and will be available later this year.

  • Members receive many benefits depending on their level. These benefits may include
  • Increased trade restrictions
  • Trade volume rewards
  • Better pricing
  • Private market
  • Trade data, and early access to new currencies, products and services.

In addition, users can access new features such as transaction history, trade shortcuts, and more personalized customer service through their account’s portal.

Membership is currently optional. However, it is likely that Tier 1 membership (which is free) is needed in the future to use ShapeShift services.

What is the FOX token?

The ShapeShift membership program is represented by tokens, which have a number of features and functions, if available, with a standard token based on Ethereum (symbol: FOX).

Customers can earn level 1 membership without FOX tokens, but to become level 2-5 members you have to have FOX tokens. The tokens are also granted to members as a bonus depending on trade volumes and through various promotions and gifts.

The FOX tokens are just the means of acquiring the ShapeShift membership and associated member benefits.

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