Ripple, the company has posted its third quarterly report on its official website. The announcement is more than $ 163 million in XRP. This will be achieved by the company in the third quarter, regardless of the high volatility of the market.

The most surprising part of the report was $ 98.06 million, compared to $ 16.87 million in the second quarter. There is a growing price for almost 500%.

This volume is in the middle of the XRP in Q2 volume, which has a strong contrast to the global Q2 volume.

The report said:

”In addition, XRP II, LLC, a subsidiary of Ripple, that is a registered and licensed money services company (MSB), sells XRP worth $ 98,060,000 living in Institutional Sales. “

Programmatic also posted a significant $ 8.61 million increase in the second quarter. Ripple’s total revenue increased $ 73.53 million in the third quarter to $ 163.33 million in the following three months.

The report also discusses the volatility of XRP, the third largest cryptocurrency market. This also includes a price increase of more than 100% in September 2018, which assumes that the currency will occupy the second ethereum position in the market.

This massive price hike comes in the currency that attracts the attention of the entire cryptocurrency community, including Justin Sun, founder of the Tron Foundation. The XRP community was made available for the release of xRapid, a ripple product that enables real-time payment with XRP as the bridge currency.

Edilson1492, Twitterati has said:

“Institutional (direct) sales grew more than 500%, from 16 million to 98 million.” They show that institutions are desperately trying to get XRP in their hands. “

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