Nasdaq, an American Stock exchange and the world’s second-largest stock market with a market capitalization of $ 10 billion has recently been released. The report talks about “creating transparency” and protecting investors in emerging markets.

The report finds that several potential investors have not entered the cryptocurrency market due to the associated risks. These include piracy, fraud, market manipulation and other activities. In addition, he noted that the trade in cryptocurrencies matures and generalizes over time. This would also lead to a significant increase in trading volume.

He pointed out that people could not rely on statistical techniques and data aggregation to detect patterns of market manipulation. As a solution, the multi-billion dollar exchange Nasdaq SMARTS provided as a solution to all the problems.

Nasdaq SMARTS is a company that adopts a “multi-faceted” monitoring approach. The approach is a combination of traditional monitoring based on warnings and risk identification. The technology uses the intelligence of the machine and the cloud to effectively monitor the market and maintain its integrity.

The report says:

“Ultimately, it is up to [SMARTS] to commercialize digital assets to increase transparency and implement monitoring processes and technologies that help ensure fair and orderly bargaining and protect investors.”

He thus said that a transparent “well-managed” market would attract a large number of investors, increasing investor transaction volumes and confidence. This would mean that the largest cash fund would ever be marketed for cryptocurrencies.

Gemini, one of the industry’s largest cryptocurrency trading platforms, has teamed with Nasdaq to integrate its SMARTS market surveillance technology. This allows Gemini to monitor its commercial competitors, including Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum [ETH] as well as the USD. The technology therefore wants to monitor the activity of the Gemini auction process used to determine the settlement price of the CbOE Bitcoin Futures contract.

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