The 18th of October is the planned date for the upgrade of the Monero network. From this date, all Monero users must upgrade to v., as per the reports published on Monero’s official website. With the new update, the Monero Blockchain will be extended by a hard range and the XMR price should increase significantly. The new rigid fork will help improve the efficiency of the Monero network as it will accommodate the Proof of Work algorithm, making the ASIC more resilient than ever before.

Therefore, the update wants to include the Bulletproofs protocol, which helps compress the size of transactions. You want to include a concept that verifies transaction amounts within a specific range while the value disappears. There are bulletproof ones with one or more outlets. This update will make the platform of the blockchain sector more competitive while ensuring security and confidentiality. You want to reduce the size of the transaction by 80%.

The update will increase the minimum ring size by 11 to protect the privacy of Monero Pool Operators who do not have standard ring sizes. These updates make Monero the first choice for secure transactions.

IOTA (MIOTA) is popular in other parts of the cryptocurrency industry. This is due to the commercial crypto-currency trade known in the sector. Bitpanda has announced that it now accepts deposits and withdrawals made by IOTA (MIOTA). Although IOTA was added to the Bitpanda Portfolio in June, it was only available as an internal portfolio. Now users can opt out and abandon IOTA (MIOTA) as they please. The announcement took place on the official Bitpanda blog. It happened like this:

“The Hubbies are now totally compatible with Bitpanda.”

In response to this news, IOTA Hub has released:

“Working with Bitpanda has been a pleasure for us, the team is professional and fast and was able to organize the integration of IOTA Hub in record time and with little support from our team, which shows that IOTA Hub is easy to use. ”

The list should increase acceptance of IOTA and IOTA Hub.


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