It’s not only from Trading you will make money, you can also make more money by placing Ads on your Bitcoin related Website.

If you have a website related to cryptocurrency, you should definitely consult It’s an advertising platform where advertisers and publishers promote their websites or earn bitcoins through advertising.

How to use the Coinzilla Bitcoin Advertising Network?
Anyone with a cryptocurrency website can promote with Coinzilla. All you have to do is create an account and select options: CPM or CPC. Advertisers are promised excellent returns on their investment and guaranteed impression / click quality. In fact, they manually approve all publishers to ensure that only the best sites publish ads for them. You can choose between different ad formats. In addition, ads are available on mobile and desktop websites.

Coinzilla is an effective way to earn bitcoins if you have a high quality website. Simply log on to the website and wait for your website to be approved. Once you have the approval, publish several ads based on their format on your website. All accrued funds can be withdrawn from your accounts after 7 days of “retention”. Coinzilla pays his publishers for impressions and clicks. They do not allow websites for adults and only accept sites that deal with cryptocurrency (to become a publisher).

The platform provides a live contact service that allows advertisers and publishers to communicate with dedicated agents to get more information about how to effectively use the platform. For more information about the platform, visit the official website at:

AD formats: banner, floating banner, pop below AD

NB: This only works for Bitcoin related websites

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