Here comes the interesting part of cryptocurrency !!!Make Money!!!. We all know that we work with Google AdSense if we want to make money from the ads on our website. Alternatively, we can earn Bitcoin by using Bitcoin advertising networks instead of Google AdSense. The only difference between them is the motto and popularity of this advertising agency.

Here is the list of the top 5 Bitcoin advertising networks:

Coinzilla Bitcoin Advertising Network

This network focuses primarily on Bitcoin-related website ads. Its goal is to give the best results to advertisers and publishers, through banners and advertisements.

Bellow is a list of what Coinzilla offers to its Publishers:

  1. Competitive rates between different advertisers;
  2. Quick assistance to their publisher when they need it;
  3. System statistics updated every five minutes;
  4. They monetize all visits as long as they have stocks;
  5. They pay in due time after a seven-day holding period;
  6. Payments are made in Bitcoins and the minimum payment is 0.01BTC;
  7. Publishers can earn 10% of their referrals.

Below is the list of what Coinzilla offers its advertisers:

  1. Quality traffic;
  2. The minimum amount required to launch your advertising campaign is 0.01 BTC (minimum of 7 USD for banners and 0.07 USD for pop ads).
  3. They offer SubID for all advertisers;
  4. They have a good anti-fraud system to control robots.

TokenAd Advertizing Network

TokenAd is an advertising network focused on customers in the cryptocurrency industry. They target the public when advertising for their publishers’ project.

The company claims to provide only quality traffic. To do this, they apply to a strict selection of their publishers and their sites, implementing an advanced anti-fraud system that can identify and ban all cheating attempts. With this, advertisers can reach a higher CTR and receive more clicks on their ads.

The platform enables cryptocurrency industry publishers to attract traffic from around the world, allowing them to choose from a wide selection of locations. Each customer will receive a personal account manager who will provide technical support 24 hours a day, allowing them to configure their campaigns, choose their targeting strategy and provide statistics on their performance.

CoinURL Advertising Network

If publishers have already used Google AdSense before, CoinURL will not encounter any problems because they look alike. Only ads associated with Bitcoin are allowed. This network uses pay per click. Many advertisers prefer pay-per-click rather than sight payment. They offer interstitial ads and banners. From the publishers’ point of view, their cost per click is lower than Google AdSense. The number of clicks in CoinURL is higher because of the quality of the advertising displayed.

Bit-Media Advertizing Network

Bit-Media is a newly developed network that works on a pay-per-click basis. They are very serious in selecting a website for publishing their ads and also have a good Ad space inventory. They publish advertisements mainly related to Bitcoin Ads pace. It is therefore preferable that the content of the website be linked to Bitcoin in any way.

Mellow Ads Advertising Network

Mellow Ads is famous among high traffic tap sites. This network is therefore suitable for advertisers generating high traffic and low costs (such as thousands of impressions at a reasonable price). It has features of pay-per-click and pay-per-view. Here, advertisers can create their own text ads with a powerful control style and / or download multiple custom banners.

Anonymous Ads Advertising Network

This is famous for his commercials on Bitcoin. Anonymous announcements started in 2011 and it still works very well. It provides pay per click advertising and functionality to provide detailed data and extensive network statistics, so that the publisher and advertiser can use it to estimate benefits and costs. The anonymous ad automatically pays when you reach the threshold. The anonymous advertising network is the best for small start-up companies for those who do not have a huge marketing capital, but want to grow and be recognized in the market.

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