Juventus FC, Italian professional football club based in Turin, Piedmont, is ready to launch its own supporter token with the Blockchain platform, Socios.com by announcing a multi-year strategic partnership with the blockchain platform. The Italian football giant jumped into the cryptocurrency space by planning to launch an official token for fans.

Token Framework: A Closer Look

The exchangeable token will allow Juventus to directly be able to poll its supporters and token holders will get the right to vote for specific club tickets. The concept is a digital evolution of membership models underpining football clubs such as FC Barcelona. The club also explains that this Fan Token will allow fans of the club around the world to participate through the use of a mobile voting platform. Using it, Juventus FC will thereby ballot its supporters, allowing the voices of its supporters to be heard. This will create some kind connection between the club and its fans. Juventus fans will be able to buy tokens as part of an advanced program called Fan Token Offer (FTO). Socios.com plans to launch the fan token as early as the first quarter of 2019. The official Juventus fan token will be a ChileZ side chain ERC20 working in the Ethereum blockchain


Other Football Clubs adopting Cryptocurrency

As expected, this is not the first time a football giant has announced plans to adopt virtual currencies for fans. Earlier this month, Paris Saint-Germain (France) announced a new partnership with Socios.com to launch a similar cryptography token for its fans. The football club has also formed a multi-year strategic partnership with the Blockchain platform, Socios.com. In this sense, the issued tokens will be listed and available on the Socios.com platform. This will allow fans to join the club’s life, in the form of votes or online polls. The  holders will also have the advantage of having access to exclusive rewards, content and experiences. The platform will use ChiliZ tokens, developed by Partners’ founder, Alexandre Dreyfus.
The large fan base of most football clubs and their recent adoption of cryptographic tokens show that these cryptocurrencies have great potential in mainstream media.

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