The IOTA Foundation recently announced its intention to strengthen a biometric authentication system using vein patterns from users’ hands to authenticate their identities.
The proposed system will use an open source digital register called Tangle, developed by IOTA. The system will be.
The new system called IAMPASS Proof of Concept creates a unique and verifiable identity for each user after analyzing their venous pattern. This helps users activate audit trails to access high security platforms, secure identification and asset management. The system can also be used in coordination with approved facilities, including charging platforms for smart cars.

Once the system is in place, consumers can manage their accounts, control their data and avoid identity theft using the foundation’s biometric identifier.
Dominick Schiener, co-founder of the IOTA Foundation, said the system was designed to address some of the most important cryptography issues, including identity theft and effective authentication methods. He said:

“That’s why we’re passionate about the IAMPASS Proof of Concept, which uses distributed IOTA distributed book to make the identity transferable, but also so users can evaluate and own their own data.”

Toang Nguyen, director of business development and cloud platform, said Tangle’s unique design helps businesses unify the security of digital identity and personal data. He added that this is crucial for the cryptocurrency space because the two entities are closely related.
He said:

“Together, we hope that the IOTA and IAMPASS ecosystems will guide the next phase of digital identity management for high security environments, such as data centers and the smart city. “

IOTA has been very active in the development of identity solutions for various clients. IAMPASS is the latest addition to its product group.

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