In recent months, several Indian states have expressed an interest in introducing blockchain solutions in their farms. Last summer, the state of Telangana, India announced its intention to implement a blockchain to alleviate corruption and fraud in state and national institutions. Shortly before the announcement, the Telengana government implemented blockchain solutions in its land and financial equalization departments to address and curb widespread bribery in the sector. Similarly, Westbengalen will use the following key to simplify some of its administrative duties, such as verifying legal identity and issuing birth certificates and other documents.

Trustworthiness, Immutability and integrity are the heart of blockchain technology which make it easy to ensure transparency and data security. As a result, it is not a surprise that many governments around the world are considering integrating blockchain solutions to optimize and increase the efficiency of their operations.

Now the government of Manipur follows in the footsteps of other states. They just signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a company called Lynked. World to explore various ways to implement blockchain in state systems. Partners are currently looking at a variety of applications, including general administration, medical records care, the education system and digital ID documents.

According to plans drawn up by representatives of the Government of Manipur and the team of Lynked. World will use the new system to request and receive various services conveniently from home. State hospitals can use the new technology to digitize and protect patient records, schedule appointments with the doctor, and issue reports and hospital certificates. State educational institutions digitize the admission process and maintain the grades and test results in the blockchain. Finally, the system is also used for the issuance of digital identity cards for employees of public schools and hospitals. All of these implementation scenarios are designed to ensure transparency and security, while providing maximum usability for everyone involved.

Daria Generalova, co-founder of ICOBox, the company that helps Lynked.World launch their product, was thrilled with the new partnership: “It’s no secret that many governments around the world are not always easy to use. The problem is that even for government employees, they can be frustrating, just for the people they manage, and the Lynced.World platform can successfully solve many of these issues, which is reassuring for both users and administrators.”

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