The community celebrates when XRP Tip Bot, a third-party software created in XRP Ledger and developed by a developer called Wietse Wind, achieved great success when it was launched by Google and Apple.

Regarding the news, the author said that he will also create a one-page website instruction that will be released soon. In an exclusive with AMBCrypto, Wind said:

“With the XRPTipBot app, it’s really easy to make friends, family or even real-life stores or restaurants, just enter the amount and scan a QR code.
The QR codes on the personal donation pages of XRPTipBot also work. “

To confirm the importance and celebration of approval, the tip has been awarded to an advanced XRP 20 tip per tip. The future in real life are shops, bars, restaurants, charities and friends / families.

Wietse Wind also facilitates the scanning of the QR code for your desktop. The team is working on an update that allows mobile activation of the application.

The XRP Tip is a third-party micro-payment platform based on the XRP ledger. The collaboration allowed users of Tip Bot to make micro payments in XRP through Coil. These are the new cryptocurrency companies created by their users to dump the sites they visit in the cryptocurrency.

An interesting feature of Coil is STREAM [real-time transmission for the exchange of assets and messages in real time]. This means that cryptocurrency payments are made in small bits, but in a continuous flow. It is considered a great change in the XRP ecosystem because it is believed that there is a service that allows users to pay for flow. For example, users can only pay for the seconds of the transmitted video.

Colorful Crypto, a Twitter user and follower of XRP on the social media platform, said:

“Thanks for contributing to the XRP community by creating the Tipp Bot app and everything it did for us! <3”


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