According to a recent announcement, the Ethereum [ETH] Special project Platform is donating 15,000 ETC to the Ethereum Classic Cooperative. This donation is intended to ensure that the Ethereum Foundation invests in ETC to maintain a positive long-term cumulative relationship.

According to the report, the foundation has a cold wallet of around 15,000 ETC. The Ethereum Foundation has decided to donate ETCs to Ethereum Classic Cooperation. The reason the foundation was given to ETC was also due to the fact that Ethereum Classic had high quality engineering.

The Ethereum Foundation’s projects include SputnikVM, which is an efficient virtual machine for several Ethereum-based blockchain, and Emrald Platform, an open source project in which developers create tools to decentralize creation of applications in Ethereum Classics [ETC].

In addition, the Ethereum Foundation felt that the gift could combine the two platforms for greater opportunity and opportunity to “bury the ax” between the two communities. ETH and ETC shared a similar vision and technology in the top 25 crypto currencies. It was in the mutual interest of both platforms to work together and maintain a positive relationship.

Ethereum Foundation added:

“The divorce was bitter, the narcissism of small differences will continue to raise its head within our two communities. But deep down, the ETC community will always be a part of us by both history and vision.”

The conflict between the two communities is the most popular in the field of cryptocurrency, since it is a tension that has been present for almost two years. The reason for the “divorce” of the communities is the piracy of the DAO, which led to the separation of the Ethereum network. This is the second largest Ethereum cryptocurrency and the 16th cryptocurrency, Ethereum Classic.

In addition, so far, the two communities have split up to provoke an attack. The classical community of Ethereum has always been described as being the first to be Ethereum, as it is believed to be the original chain and believed that the division is against the values ​​of the blockchian.

These efforts of the two communities to collaborate and work together to improve the ecosystem, with some truce and some against.

Donald McIntyre, a Twitter user, said:

“Unfortunately, every blockchain has its share of corporatist participants. This is a deal between a foundation and a cooperative, nothing more. Many of us in ETC reject your social attacks. Money is on your side, but time and sound principles are on ours.”

Chiangmaichuck, another Twitterati said:

“Vitalik is one of the nicest guys. It’s like his ex-wife cheated on him and yet he still pays child support because he loves the kids that aren’t his”

Barry Silbert said on Twitter:

“The Ethereum Foundation just donated $150,000 (in $ETC) to the Ethereum Classic Cooperative Thrilled to see bridges being built between the Ethereum and Ethereum Classic communities”


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