Smart Valor, member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance [EEA] for the progress of the Ethereum ecosystem. The EEA has a large group of members, from multinational corporations to small start-ups, educational institutions and the likes, which are pushing the space of the cryptocurrency to mass adoption.

Smart Valor announced the news on reddit. Here it was announced that the team has been recognized as a new member of the EEA. It writes:

“We are pleased to join the most important blockchain association for companies, including Accenture, JP Morgan, Santander Bank and Microsoft, and we hope to build our platform and be recognized by the EEA as a valid and valuable employee.”

The EEA is a joint effort of many large and small companies and institutions to promote the introduction of Blockchain. Some of the big names in the list of members are JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, Infosys, Cognizant, CME Group, Deloitte, Nexus, Ledger, Trident, Shell, National Bank of Canada, Gibralter Stock Exchange and more.

The latest addition to the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance was Hyperledger, an open source collaboration to develop industry blockchain technologies.

Olga Feldmeier, Executive Director of Smart Valor, said the company was happy to have an alliance with EUA because Ethereum Blockchain has big plans to move forward in space. In his words:

“Ethereum is an Ethereum company, and now Ethereum is preparing for the big changes and updates, and it’s important for a solid work together, and bring our knowledge and experience.”

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