Amanda Gutterman, Marketing Director of ConsenSys Blockchain company, recently announced on Twitter that the company has announced a Devcon4 funding program. The development of the Ethereum ecosystem would have been rewarded with $ 500,000.

Gutterman’s Tweet said:

“The @ConsenSys Grant Program was announced this morning at #Devcon4 by @ethereumJoseph! We will award $500,000 to projects in the #Ethereum space who are focusing on infrastructure, research, interoperability, usability, and developer tools.”

Co-founder of Ethereum and Consensys boss Lubin said he had emerged from the idea that products should be part of the application layer. He also referred to the location of the company in the United States in relation to the location of the company. It was a decision with a lot of nervousness that led to the founding of ConsenSys in Switzerland.

Ethereum-based applications in browsers instead of running full Ethereum nodes. In this context, Lubin also said that the lack of infrastructure is the source of the idea for society to create its own development tools. The ConsensSys Academy was cited as another example of this creation.

About two months ago, LinkedIn, one of the leading business and employment services, joined ConsenSys, which was among the top 50 startups in the US, With other crypto-firms like Coinbase, Ripple, Robinhood and Gemini. ConsensSys took 26th place, Coinbase third and Ripple seventh on the list.

Using Twitter and a passionate blockchain room, Leah Jones wrote in The Gutterman Tweet:

A Twitter use and a blockchain space enthusiast, Leah Jones on Gutterman’s Tweet wrote:

“That’s all well and good but should we be focused on main stream adoption”

Brad Mills, another cryptocurrency and blockchain follower commented:

“This is meant to attract world-class cryptographers? Might work”

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