Charles Hoskinson, CEO and founder of IOHK, recently spoke about the Cardano Foundation’s wishes for its YouTube channel.

He explained that IOHK and Emurgo could work together again after a month or two. Hoskinson said he had a personal wish list and wanted to make it happen. This requires more democracy, at least seven members of the board of directors of the foundation. He added:

“I’d like a very skilled and prominent executive director who has the faith and calmness of the community. I’d like to see diversity and community management with large grants and the hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars be given to many different organizations that are responsible for building Cardano communities across the globe.”

Because, frankly, it never has the form it deserves, because we have such a strong community like this, its way forward

The founder also said he was in Switzerland to monitor the situation on the ground. He added that he had the opportunity to meet and have many discussions with Crypto Valley and other interested groups. Hoskinson was optimistic that he would find a way to clean up anything that would make the community happy.

He also said:

“That will give Cardano the best chance to move forward. It is also important to point out that in Parsons leaving, there was no severance paid and no exchange of funds. He left of his own will and resigned with no strings attached. So it’s nice to know that he did the right thing and it’s nice to know that we kept our integrity and principles as an ecosystem.”

Hoskinson, however, expressed his disappointment at the time when things needed to be put in place. He confirmed that Cardano did not like this and that he was “happy” that this chapter was closed. He also wants the community for coming together for the same reason and for taking “so deeply to heart” the project.

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