ShapeShift founder Erik Voorhees recently spoke in a discussion with Naomi Brockwell on YouTube about Bitcoin, his commitment to ShapeShift and the government’s views on the largest cryptocurrency.

The founder announced that he had heard about the Bitcoin publication on Facebook in May 2011. He added that Bitcoin had changed his life after reading some articles on the subject: “He fell in love [with Bitcoin].” Voorhees realized that people with Bitcoin can create value at almost zero cost anywhere in the world and that no one can stop them. The cryptocurrency will inevitably conquer the world because it makes economic sense to have this system, he added.

The CEO then spoke about the projects in which he was involved in the cryptocurrency. He said:

“I’ve been involved in number of crypto-projects, Bitinstant, you know, back in the day back in early 2012, Satoshi Dice, which was the world’s largest Bitcoin casino […] but for the last four and a half years, it’s been ShapeShift.”

Voorhees also spoke about the evolution of the cryptocurrency space in the last 10 years. The first user of Bitcoin believes that the cryptocurrency has the “great potential” to conquer the world and will replace the government Fiat. This will happen when people realize that there is an alternative to fraud. Voorhees believes that this is inevitable and that this can only happen if a group of people can do it. That is why he has dedicated his life and his projects to crypto-space.

He added:

“It [Bitcoin] certainly came a hell of a long way. I mean every financial institution in the world is watching it, every government is somehow bothered and a little nervous about it. Tens of millions of people have used it, most people in the developed world have heard of it at this point. So yeah, it’s made a huge progress.”

Voorhees also said that there is still a long way to go, despite the fact that the crypto-space has grown enormously. However, Bitcoin has a greater chance of taking over the world now in comparison to the timeframe of when he got stepped in the cryptoverse.

In addition, the CEO spoke about governments and their recent progress in cryptocurrency. I started by saying that a government as big as the United States is not a unit, but a hydra of many different mass authorities.

He said:

“At first, I was afraid that the governments of the United States and Bitcoin, like the others, would be more difficult, that they would see it as an existential threat to their own currency and that they would fight hard.”

The government, however, was more tolerant of their fears. Voorhees believes that this is because governments still do not realize that Bitcoin is an existential threat to FIAT. They consider the cryptocurrency as a tax evasion, money laundering or drug problem and are looking for ways to solve the problem. I know, however, that they can not stop Bitcoin.

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