Bitcoin has been seen as one of the longest periods of non-volatility in recent history, with a strictly defined trading structure over the past two months. However, few experts commented on the possible catalyst for the next uptrend.

Garrett Keirns, a cryptocurrency analyst, said “we need a catalyst to” interest “by quoting Bitcoin’s search volume on Google Trends as proof of its position. The volume of research is the lowest since the beginning of this year, said Keirns. He went on to say:

“People are afraid of losing money, especially the Coinbase retailer, who has bought more than $ 10,000, in addition to a crypto market contraction, these people are starting to lose money with their 401k wallet and their equity wallet.”

However, this is not the money in the cryptocurrency market as a riskier asset class. Marius Rupsys, a digital currency analyst, also commented on a statement to Forbes, indicating that it is about two-thirds of the total amount spent on the cryptocurrency market in November and December 2017. Exponentially. As a result, the currency reached just under $ 20,000, which would flock to the market.

Nigel Green, founder and CEO of DeVere Group, said they “are exploring digital assets” and said:

“… they feel they have to explore digital currencies now – and fast – or their competitors could be far ahead and they could not catch up.

Oliver Isaacs, investor, advisor and influential blockchain, said the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s approval of an exchange-traded fund could contribute to the further development of Bitcoin. I mentioned this by mentioning the increase in the price of gold following the approval of its ETF.

At the launch of the first ETF in March 2003, the price of gold rose by 300%. If this happens with Bitcoin, the coin could have a value of $ 22,500, said Isaacs. He went on to say:

“With the approval of a Bitcoin ETF, new investors will open the door to invest trillions of dollars in crypto-currencies as easily as they invest in equities and all other major asset classes.”

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