• Coinbase

Coinbase is one of the most reliable, if not the most reliable cryptocurrency trading platform. It is also the largest digital asset trading platform in the world. The platform supports more than 32 countries and has more than 4 million active users. Traders may buy and sell Bitcoins through their bank account, credit card, PayPal and other payment methods. To trade with Coinbase you need to create an account on there platform to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. In addition, users must be able to release a valid bank account for the purchase of bitcoins.

Currently, fully verified US residents may only hold 50,000 bitcoins per day. Overall, Coinbase enjoys an excellent reputation and enjoys a high reputation in the dealer community. For most Coinbase transactions, only a 1% transaction fee will be charged, plus all fees associated with the selected payment method.

As with the Coinbase, you can only buy a few currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. You must then use Changelly to convert it to other cryptocurrencies.

The Coinbase registration has another advantage: You can then use the GDAX exchange that is from the same company. GDAX enables more advanced trading features such as margin trading and market, limit and stop orders. GDAX also has lower fees than Coinbase.

Binance is a recent exchange, but we’ve learned to like it a lot, it offers a wide selection of cryptocurrencies available for purchase and trading, as well as a simple and progressive view that can easily switch. Your fees are very reasonable and allow you to sign up and trade without checking your account. You can then withdraw up to 2 BTC per day. If you’d like to withdraw larger amounts, you’ll need to upload your photo ID and a selfie photo.

At the moment public opinion about Binance is very high and Internet surfers welcome the speed of the website, its ease of use and its low charges.

  • KuCoin

KuCoin is a very exciting new crptocurrency exchange in South Korea. They work in the same way as Bina, insofar as they perform new altcoins much faster than other exchanges. So it’s a good place to buy cryptocurrency shortly after the ICO, which means it’s more profitable to start early.

The interface is very clean and modern and much easier to use than other older and awkward exchanges. They also offer their own KCS token, which allows all owners to receive a portion of the platform’s revenue per day. It is a good token that is paid in the different currencies that the site allows people to do. ,

LocalBitcoins is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange used in most major countries around the world. The general principle of this exchange is that you can meet and meet people from your neighborhood or town for an exchange. The platform also offers options to purchase digital currency via PayPal, square payments, direct bank transfers and many other payment methods. The platform charges a small fee of 1% per transaction in cases where sellers use their own exchange rate. Just as Uber passengers and drivers are qualified, LocalBitcoins assigns a rating to each trader using the platform and this score is posted publicly. Commercial operations must first be subject to a preservation process to ensure that no one is deceived on the platform. Once everything is verified, funds and cryptocurrencies are transferred between the traders. LocalBitcoins accepts a commission of 1% of the sellers.

  • Coinmama

CoinMama is a large Bitcoin broker firm that allows users to purchase coins with their debit or credit cards. The platform spends small transaction fees. To compensate for this, the limits on the number of Bitcoins that a user can buy are much higher than those of Coinbase. Users can buy up to $ 5,000 a day or up to $ 20,000 a month. All users must do in other to use CoinMama, create an account, log in and access the section of the profile page to complete the personal information.

After that, users will see a page where they can choose how many Bitcoins to buy. Once selected, users can add their preferred payment methods and Bitcoin addresses. Users should also check their phone number and email address. CoinMama does not require that most users download their government-issued ID. After completing the steps above and past the verification process, users can purchase bitcoins through CoinMama.

CEX.IO is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Although it is a cryptocurrency exchange, CEX.IO can only be used with Bitcoins and Ethereum, which are the two main alternative currency pairs. If you want to buy other currencies, you can use CEX then a service called Changelly to convert it to many other cryptos.

The platform is registered in FINCEN and applies the KYC and AML principles. In other words, users must fully verify their identity before they can participate in any operation with this platform. The platform currently supports credit card purchases, bank transfers or SEPA transfers for European citizens.

Once you have entered a transaction, the platform automatically calculates the price of the transaction and freezes the exchange rate for 120 seconds, which is very convenient. However, many users find that there are sometimes hidden fees. CEX.IO applies a flat rate of 7% for all matters relating to trust currencies. For example, if you buy $ 100 in bitcoins, you only receive $ 93 in coins.

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Choosing the right platform to exchange cryptocurrencies for your specific needs can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Remember to pay attention to the fees, reputation, security, auditing processes and geographic services offered by an exchange platform. Remember that you are not limited to a single exchange of cryptocurrency. Hopefully the information provided will help you choose the trading platform to use.


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