The aim of the ARAW platform is to contribute to global user adoption of the blockchain through the intuitive and seamless integration of the vast e-commerce channel with decentralized payments.

The ARAW platform addresses fundamental issues in e-commerce and cryptocurrency economies. First, retailers offer restrictive online and offline reward systems included in their services. They are often of little value to the consumer because of their limited nature. Reward systems across trade are not fully utilized due to lack of technology investments. Coincidentally, many companies struggle to offer attractive premium plans because they run the risk of undervaluing their services. The unified rewards system allows service providers to become an ARAW token distributor, allowing them to control the format of their reward plans. The ARAW token is now more than just a reward point, since it can be used and redeemed for all ARAW ecosystem participants. In addition, ARAW owners can convert their coupons into trust currencies via the ARAW Mobile Wallet and the refund to their associated bank account. Second, the complex barrier to entering the encrypted currency market limits the overall potential value of the crypto market. The technologies around ARAW are strategically designed to support the platform with a “unified reward system” that allows for easy implementation and maximum reach of customers. While the “unified rewards system” standardizes reward tokens in all sectors, the ARAW token also allows regular customers to participate in the fast-growing world of cryptocurrency, benefiting all participants. The key factors are the simple adoption for the customer, since reward systems are already common.


ARAW Special features:

  • Araw Pay – accepts online payments with just one click
  •  Araw Touch & Pay card: activation of micropayments in stores
  • Transparent ecosystem to increase the acceptance rate.
  • Increase acceptance of ARAW tokens by merchants.
  •  Unified reward system that allows the ecommerce ecosystem.


  • Design and implement the Araw Pay online widget, which can be plug-and-play on any website.
  • Easy and fast deposit rewards encourage customers to use the ARAW card for all their shopping needs.
  • Intuitive user interfaces that make it look like second nature, so the user does not notice the advanced technology the system uses to buy and rewards system.
  • A dedicated and specialized resource that aims to attract merchants and support the success of each client’s campaign.
  •  Campaign management-specific assistance to help customers optimize adoption rates.


Ticker — ARAW

Token type — ERC20ICO

Token price — 1 ARAW = $0.01

Total tokens — 5,000,000,000

Available for token sale — 3,500,000,000 (70%)

Whitelist — YES (15th MAY — 30th JUNE)

Know Your Customer (KYC) — YES

Pre-sale start date — 1 JULY

Public sale start date — 10th September

Soft cap — 2,000,000 USD

Hard cap — 25,000,000 USD

Accepts — ETH


Platform MVP —

Airdrop —


Whitepaper —

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